Vendor information and registration
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If you wish to vend and compete in the BBQ competition please go use the following link.
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In order to eliminate duplicate vendors for non-meat items, we will be accepting entries on a first come first serve basis.
Barbecue Sales: BBQ tickets - 78.1% BBQ sellers - 15% contest.

The Barbecue Challenge is a non-cash event. Ticket sales have been a great fundraiser for our event's non-profit benefactors and a way for our cooking teams to recoup some of their costs. From each $1.00 ticket sold, the barbecue team receives $0.781; the contest receives $0.15, and taxing districts receive $0.069.

Selling of Barbecue: Friday 11:00am - 9:00pm & Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm

BBQ samples and plates may be sold to the public with TICKETS ONLY. All vendors, including contestants, who sell any food including plates of BBQ and side dishes, must take tickets instead of cash. Your tickets will be re-counted, and a check for 85% of the proceeds minus applicable sales taxes will be mailed to you within two weeks. The remainder of the proceeds will be rebated to the contest. (Leadville Chamber of Commerce will retain your state sales tax and remit it on your behalf; please provide us with a Colorado sales tax ID, if you have one)
That means you will receive 78.1% of proceeds from your booth. For instance, you may sell a plate for $5.00, but will be collecting 5 tickets for that plate and will be reimbursed $3.91. To be fair to all teams, the event is strictly non-cash and the 78.1/15/6.9 split will be used for everyone.
The contest will have at least two ticket booths and roving ticket sellers; please do not take cash. A container will be provided to you to collect tickets redeemed at your booth. Pick up your container at Registration. Please count and turn in your ticket container and reimbursement form at B&B Shipping Store (518 Harrison Ave) by 5:00pm Saturday.

Teams are encouraged to sell T- shirts, sauces, and other Team Schwag but are required to take tickets and will be reimbursed on the above split. Meat for selling may be brought to the contest pre-cooked. Contest meat must start raw and will be inspected on Friday morning